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24 July 2011 at 15:52
Written previously in LKADVANI forum:

BJP was always on the decline post 1996. It started deviating from its ideology. It sidelined its approach to Integral Humanism/Hindutva. It more or less became a party which had run out ideas. If water is not allowed to flow and becomes stagnant, the water starts smelling pungent. Flowers rarely blossom in such waters. Might be the lotus does, but unfortunate for the BJP there wasn't a blooming lotus for them post 1996. Hence, it horribly failed to mould itself with changing times. And even it did try to change, it tried dressing down rather than dressing up. When I refer to dressing down, I mean getting rid of what they think is excess baggage, their ideology (Integral Humanism). There is not a single policy that the BJP adopted or tried to push through while in power concerning their ideology! Integral Humanism believes in Eco-Centric growth and not Homo-centric.Integral Humanism calls for working till the last man has necessary amenities!! Making a non-sense of some abstract Growth-Figures in a country where more than a half suffer from malnutrition is nothing but bullshit. Hindutva has its own model of growth, but unfortunately for the BJP even in its own party it has no takers! I can bet you this! Out of the 116 odd MP's, I cant bet atleast 80-90 of them have no relation with Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhay, ideology and Hindutva! The rest kind of know Hindutva and cannot either articulate or do not want articulate it! Ekatam Manavad/Hindutva has just become a tool of garnering votes just at times of elections. 

There is huge discord between the party workers and leadership. The leadership or for that matter the entire National Executive seems to be in a royal rumble and guess for what?? " Post & Power But in midst of the summer slam stuck are poor party workers who selflessly work dreaming for the glory of Bharat Mata! Our leaders seem to be geniuses just by reading the Indian Express or India Today! The problem is not that we do not have readers, but the reading in offices makes no sense! Reading and working on the Ground makes the "CROWN" and just reading makes "RAHU". Fighting or debating is an essential process of democracy, but fighting for posts is not!! Press, Platform, protest, manch, media and mike, if you use them to play deceit, you can certainly climb stairs but that will never bring you sanctions. If you need sanctions, you have work at the grassroots, unfortunately there are no shortcuts to it. BJP suffers from a chronic disease and in this disease ego-clashes and ambition clashes are bound to exist in the upper rung!!It suffers from a disease named "Mujhse Bada Kaun"!!! BJP is best described as an ARMY WITH (IN)FIGHTING COMMANDERS! 

I would make a point which might not be in exact reference to this! That is Jinnah! BJP somehow tends to have no clear issue on this stand! Let me atleast clear it from my side!

Jinnah was not secular! The 1946 killings are enough to prove him a criminal who cannot rest in peace even in hell! He was an agrostic man who unscrupulously used Islam without having any kind of belief in it and no conviction at all, which resulted massacared millions on either side!! Yet, BJP debates Jinnah 60 years later! I guess the Rightists, Leftists, Seculars and Atheists cannot put off this harsh reality!!

PS Moderatorji I would love to know what u feel about this post! But I still feel radical is what the BJP has to be for the very interests of this Nation! If u reply I can certainly give my Hunch or opinion to revive the party!

Solutions from my side:

1. Change the constitution of the Party and move towards a Presidium like system.Yes, the powers of the Party President will be curtailed but in the long run it is essential and shall certainly be beneficial. At present the BJP is in a state of Anarchy, one against all or free for all and hence the bigger objectives are missing. Therefore, this is a must.

2. Get rid of the Capitalist image of the party. Ekata Manavad has nothing to do with capitalism. Taking a stand on SEZ and FDI is essential.

3. Introducing a Bio-Data bank for all party leaders is essential.

4. Articulation of Hindutva or any other phraseology for this word is essential. And sticking by the ideology is even more important. 

5. Running with the media or running against it would serve no purpose for the party. Grassroot work is the only way forward not just for the party but for the nation. Glittering does not make it gold. Propaganda is good but work is more important.

6. Order and discipline inside the party as well as outside is essential. Having different views is okay as long as it does not differ from ideology. Censoring can never be a solution. If there are leaders who do not believe in your ideology, better show them the door.

7. Style of functioning of the party should be defined and a code of conduct for the party workers should be established.

The problems faced by the BJP are multi-dimensional and it is just the result of stagnation of the thought process. According to me they are:

1. Ideology
2. Relationship with the Sangh Parivar organizations
3. Dimensions of Relation with Party and the Government
4. Increasing the Mass base
5. Cadre Development
6. Leadership

PS. Moderatorji, I have never said there is dearth of good leaders in the party. There are thousands of them.But the problem is no collective leadership! Consider BJP to be WORLD CHAMPS XI soccer team facing an ordinary team! But if every member of the Champs starts aiming for the goal from their respective position ultimately the ordinary team will snatch the ball. Passing is the beauty of the game!!! Collective leadership is the call of the hour.Most of leaders of course have their own contributory capacity.Contribution is like a fraction.But the biggest drawback of the present BJP is the fact that the fractions have not added upto be an integer. "Malai Khane aane wale Neta", not being shown the door is a matter of grave concern for me atleast!!
Mass Leaders are absolutely required but making of a mass leader requires a lot of toil and sweat on the land and not the Office!!! 

Yes, Anupamji I am indeed not too happy with ABC being made party president. My hunch is we are threading the path of mutual acrimony that will only result in more expulsions and counter expulsions. And I personally do not think this the right path to walk, because in this process states shall certainly become stronger but the Centre shall become weaker which would result in a demoralized cadre.

BJP is party which in its own periphery just enjoys 25-30% of its mass base on its own,perhaps even less. Rest of the cadre belongs to its related organizations. Soi-Intellectuals and sometimes even in this forum people who question the sangh and blame the ills of the BJP on the sangh should be made aware of this fact!!

"Ideology is irrelevant for Governance"! That is the basic problem of the BJP today!!! And I do not want to name the leader who quoted it, but Jai Shri Ram, I guess he has realized his mistake by now!!!
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विशाल अग्रवाल very well analyzed and aptly crafted. i hope that someone from the BJP read it and think along the lines suggested in the article, although chances are remote as infighting is the most imp work for the BJP leaders in the present time.
Praveen Shankar Kapoor Rudra Sekhar.......... kuch logon, sangathan, batoin ka baare mein sochna likhna padhna sab bekaar hota hai.
Ankur Jayawant //Jinnah was not secular!//

He used to be, earlier. Remember, he opposed the Khilafat movement vehemently when the Congress decided to support it led by the charkha caricature. Its only in the late 1920s that his head got green from the inside. Had the Congress been careful with him and his other cronies, therewouldnt have been Pakistan.

Hahhahahahahahha.They are nothing but a bunch of ganwaars who are beating each other with slippers.
Rudra Sekhar Ankur Jayawant Bhai: Hahhahahah! Too Good!
Rajiv Narula the BJP does seem like a sinking ship with a lot of holes...time to plug them and throw the dirty water needs fresh blood...and yes, get rid of all the crutches that's it's always tried to lean on....As Vishal ji said, I hope someone from the cadre read it..awesome note Rudra bhai...
Praveen Shankar Kapoor @ Rajiv Narula ji ........... Rudra Sekhar ji first wrote this awesome note some two & half years ago ........... hope you got my point.
Praveen Shankar Kapoor @ Aryavart Yoddha ji ........... Rudra Sekhar ji has far more indepth knowledge & understanding of B.J.P. ........... but ???????????????
Rudra Sekhar Praveen Shankar Kapoor But not willing to join the Humpty Dumty Party, which is like a kati patang and where most of the leaders are Alices in Wonderland!
Jay Shah Rudra Sekhar BJP & Congress are like two sides of the same coin, not much difference between the two. Let us not forget Vajpayee who was ready to kiss muzzie ass at every opportune moment.
Ashutosh Dixit I find that 'decline of RSS' (post economic liberalization) had a big role to play in 'ideological demise' of BJP. Near-absence of RSS Shakhas in cities and towns has resulted in stopping of inflow of ideological leadership in BJP. This vacuum is now being filled in by student leaders ,small industrialists, big advocates and traders who have no background in any ideology...
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